Epiphany Ahora – Renewal and Service


Even as the renovation is underway, the Church of the Epiphany continues to serve the wider community. It still functions as a place of worship with Sunday Eucharist (Mass) in both Spanish and English. The Rev. Tom Carey and the Rev. Richard Estrada have worked with the parish and the wider community to provide services to Lincoln Heights and have advocated for immigration, labor, and LGBTQ rights.

Food Bank

Twice a month Epiphany participates with Seeds of Hope and  the Los Angeles Food Bank in giving healthy free food to those in need. This help has been especially valuable during the COVID-19 pandemic; in addition, the food bank provides a place where local young people volunteer in fulfilling their community service hours for high school.

The Peoples' History Project

Rosalio Muñoz was a lead organizer of the Chicano Moratorium in 1970 and has devoted his life to activism for social and economic justice.  He is also the curator of The Peoples' History Project, which documents The Chicano Movement at Epiphany and seeks to educate students and adults about the history of grassroots organizing in Los Angeles and beyond as well as ways that we can continue to build on this wonderful legacy.

A Meeting Place:  A Place for Community and Renewal

Epiphany hosts meetings of Narcotics Anonymous; we provide community nursing in partnership with QuuensCare. The Burrito Project meets once a month to make and provide burritos to the residents of skid row.  The Eviction Defense Network provides free legal advice for those in danger of losing their homes through gentrification; The Soul Force Project gives monthly concerts and workshops on non-violence. Epiphany partners with The Wall Las Memorias Project to advocate for LGBTQ rights and provide education and awarenss.