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New Funding for a New Future

All who visit the Church of the Epiphany are struck by the beauty of the place. They are moved as much by the grace of its construction as by the knowledge of the momentous things that have happened there. As a people we need our landmarks: they tell us where we’ve come from and they remind us of where we hope to go. But the Church of the Epiphany is more than just a reminder of a glorious past – it is deeply committed to sustaining programs that enrich, educate, and empower, which help eradicate poverty and relieve those already in need. Through this work, the Church of the Epiphany speaks to the deeply human aspiration to breathe freely, to live in a world where justice is a commonplace, where we know and accept our own responsibility to ensure that all in the human family enjoy the freedom to live and work and love.

Thank you

We are grateful to the following individuals and organizations for their generosity:

The Right Reverend J. Jon Bruno, Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles
Escher GunaWardene Architecture
Greg Adams, GCTechnology Inc.
Ambassador and Mrs. James Jones

Donation Opportunities

The Epiphany Conservation Trust gratefully accepts donations of any amount for the restoration effort.



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